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Check Digit Calculator

Owner First SN Last SN


To order to get the right selfcontrol ISO digit(s) the following fields must be filled in:
  • field Owner with owner's code
  • field First SN with the first serial number of range
  • field Last SN with the last serial number of range


  1. The field Owner allow maximum 4 letters.
  2. The field Owner accept both lower and upper cases.
  3. If the field Owner is filled in with less than 4 letters the default value is used for computing.
  4. The default value for filed Owner is CFRU.
  5. The fileds First SN and Last SN allow maximum 6 digits.
  6. If these field are filled in with less than 6 digit, they are padded with leading zeros (ex: 14 => 000014).
  7. If the value of field First SN is greather than value of field LAst SN the ISO digits are displayed in revers order.
  8. If all the filed are not filled in the default value is CFRU 000000
  9. In case of one of fields FirstSN or Last SN are not filled in only on eISO digit is computed